Bitcoin would be most prefer. You can also pay by Western Union/ Money Grams.

When you’ve made your order, you simply post us payment and the order code.You can pay by :BitCoin – this is the fastest way to get your cards. Choose bitcoin as your currency when ordering.Simply send the required bitcoin payment to the address given to you.Western Union and Money Grams – we accept these in any currency.More payment instructions will given once you contact us through email to completion of your order.

You can track your order online, but it will only appear on our system when we have received it. If there is a problem with your order, we will email you.Normally it takes around 5-10 business days to get to you from the time of your payment. Weekends are not business days.

Yes,actually we can offer many more states version ids,you can contact us by email if you are interested.

No we do not currently do that.

We ship the parcel via priority Express, and it is a parcel but not envelope.

Yes,all the ids have black light and UV ,just the same as the real one. You can check with each state ids for details.

Sure, We would provide you a real address for the IDS .It is a real address, but a random one. If you want your own ID address, you can provide in the order table .

All of our good quailty ids are match to the real. You can feel easy to but any state as you like.

We don’t sell only one id. It always with a duplication.Even you just buy one,it would still have the same price.Why you nottake the duplicate one to keep in case you lost it.

Yes, everywhere. Any scanner that any bouncer or store uses.